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Intimations of Revolt December 5, 2010

Posted by astridjohnson in Current Affairs, Politics.
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The website for UK Uncut: http://www.ukuncut.org.uk

Before talking about UK Uncut, here a link to Mark’s latest blog post with some very interesting political ideas about Student Protests, Universities and the Servitisation of Knowledge.

I feel revolt is in the air, and intelligent it is. Coinciding with the delicious Wikilieaks – so refreshing to read about those instead of the dismal response to the fact that winter this time the UK seems to be a bit colder than usual – are student protests against funding cuts and changes in the education sector. The current government of the UK seems rudderless and extremely short-sighted in their deficit-cut proposals (read an interesting article in The Guardian about David Cameron) and increasing the divide between the rich and the poor. There was no real revolt against the banks and their greediness, but now people, many of them young pupils and students, are recognising the implications of the new policies and are piping up. I foresee a lot of important conversations, which aided by social media and street action, will result in a more politically awake society.

Here some interesting new movements, UK Uncut and False Economy.


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