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Love and Eros

May 2009

Why marriage?

You and I are not the same.
When a leaf falls from the tree, it seeks the ground.
It remains a leaf until it slowly melts.
If time will grant us time, melting will be complete.

You and I are the same.
It is not completion that we seek.
There is no eternity.
It is in language that we meet.

The story of our physical attraction is not such a different one.
In embrace: silence together, rest.
A pause, filled with emptiness.
In passion: comfort, not chaste.
Passion is in language and passion the language of the skin.

In this moment, I relish the thought
to tell you my story, to listen to yours
and to add some fantastical tales of togetherness.

I this moment you relish the thought
to tell me your story, to listen to mine
and to add some unpredictable tales of togetherness.

Marriage will be based on a probable cause,
the delicious suspicion of this story having no end.


Marriage is old and is new.
A time honoured union and perpetual promise of honouring union.

Marriage has a demand.
And in this last poem of Astrid Guett,
I declare that I accept responsibility to take care of you and me,
until time will part you and me from the ability to speak.


October 2008

Your name

Thinking your name a
candent thin white line
connects my vulva with my brain
(or is it the other way round?)
travelling my body
an electric current
twitching and convulsing

I am swimming and

gliding with dolphins
cajoling with seals

fighting with leopards
licking and biting their fur
swallowing their markings
until they are white like albinos
until there is nothing further to do

Women are not supposed to come in their sleep
I do.


September 2008

No sleep

At night I have to watch you.
To loose one moment of alert and distinct
Awareness of your presence

Is the loss
The flower feels when the bee lifts off its petal, to seek another
Or maybe
A sister saying good bye to her brother, before a long journey
Or maybe
An entire planet when its sun becomes so luminous, it will never shine again.

In other words, my love, I am tired to the bone.
In other words, you are the world to me.

But then, this is the least important thing.

What really matters is your and my ability to
Consistently and very conscientiously
Brave that much happiness


September 2008


In the morning the birds sang remarkably well
into the not-yet-lived day.

A light promise of muchness and an
emerging thread of sweet nothingness.

It is mid-morning. I too often say: I love you. And am in two minds about it.
It is true. And the slow and steady current running
beneath this day, that is advancing now.
It is superfluous. And has an edge of wanting attention, when I can leave this stream,
this ocean of love entirely alone.

It is lunch time. The reflection of the sun in the canal blinds me.
Have you ever run along the canal with closed eyes?
Listen carefully, this is not London. It is Utopia Village,
where other runners smile at you and I run farther.

It is afternoon. Two spicy cookies and a cup of instant coffee.
A fleeting wink, as the clock trudges on.

Evening is approaching. Dusk coming down and hugging this city.
Levelling. Slowing time and movement.

Night has come. As you are not here, I will not be wasting any further words of mine.


September 2008


I will overwhelm you with words today.
Words of affection, wrapped around my tongue,
pushed deep into your mouth.
Words of endearment, slightly licking the corners of you upper lip,
trailing your cheek and reaching your ear.
Words of lust, moving slowly under you.

Hold on, so many more words I found to give to you.

These are words of thinking with you on matters far beyond ourselves.
These are words of emotional rationality which takes care of you and me.
These are words of vision of what love amongst equals can accomplish.

Words of laughter.
Words of sweetness.
Words of fairness.
Words of politeness.
Words of musing.
Words of nonsense.
Words of light.

Fortuitous words.

Words to illuminate and to evolve that
which is occurring between us.

All words of love.



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