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EnlightenNext | Magazine design & layout

The Wired Of The Spiritual World

EnlightenNext magazine (formerly What is Enlightenment? magazine) and EnlightenNext Impulse magazine is one of the most fascinating projects I have ever worked on, in relation to content and design.

Here covers and content pages of the first two issues of EnlightenNext Impulse and further on the story…


Here a link to issue 1.





Here a link to the complete issue 2.





The magazine grew from a small newsletter launched 17 years ago into an award-winning (editorial and design) glossy (recycled paper) magazine. The magazine is the brain child of Andrew Cohen and members of his movement and dedicated to the concept of spirituality and evolution, focusing on changes in consciousness and culture.

EnlightenNext goes in-depth into subjects ranging from business, politics, environment to spirituality, religion and science and manages to feature main stream and cutting edge leading thinkers

From 1993 to 2007 I worked voluntarily as an art director for the German edition of the magazine and designer and creative artworker for EnlightenNext and was very involved with the global movement. For many years I was head of the European graphics department. Thanks to technology it did not matter if I was living in Germany, the UK or the USA during that period. Skype, email and ftp were the tools to co-ordinate production and exchange files, including delivery to printers. For the last two issues of the US magazine I did some freelance production (layout and image editing) work for Will Rogers, the creative director of the magazine.

Here some covers of the original magazine.


In 2011 my design studio SMaRT Design & Print (Socially Minded and Responsible Trading™. That’s smart!) was commisioned to re-design the first two issues of a new quarterly magazine on culture and spirituality for the German charity EnlightenNext, including the creation of a new masthead.

Provided with a small budget we created a simple page structure and fixed the size of headlines and body text.

Copy was supplied and formatted by us, images and illustrations were either supplied by the client or we sourced them from stock photography websites. We also created a collage for the cover of the second issue.

We checked and incorporated and checked advertisements from external suppliers.

The size and extent was 52 pages, 216mm w x 276mm h, and we delivered print ready pdfs for a printer in Germany

EnlightenNext were very happy with the new and simplified magazine concept. This cost effective template meant that the magazine was able to retain much of its old subscriber base – something which had been in doubt in the publication’s previous incarnation as a more expensive and elaborate production.



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