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Happy Birthday, Annette… and In Praise of Love March 2, 2013

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And another birthday blog.

And another birthday blog.

Happy Birthday, my dear sister. You got this photo we took at the MOSI on canvas and a box with some more goodies is unfortunately still on it’s way. Never mind. I hope you have a lovely day with your beloveds in Cologne.

On the subject of love. I am reading Alain Badiou’s “In Praise of Love”, which my husband brought me from Foyles yesterday. and there is much this elderly French communist illuminates about the perennial question mark in “What is Love?”. The book is the script of an interview between Nicolas Truong and Badiou and covers politics, creativity and relationships.

The last paragraph here is about love for the world through relationship and wakes me up to review all of them:

…To love is to struggle, beyond solitude, with everything in the world that can animate existence. This world where I see for myself the fount of happiness my being with someone else brings. “I love you” becomes: in this world there is the fount you are for my life. In the water from this fount, I see our bliss, yours first. As in Mallarmeé’s poem, I see:

In the wave you become
Your naked ecstasy.

The bond with my sister is very deep and the abiding love I have for her took time to be seen and mature.


Happy Birthday, Mark! February 13, 2013

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Sorry, the blue theme is a bit cliché...

Sorry, the blue theme is a bit cliché…

As you are in Madrid on your birthday morning, here your virtual birthday table: balloons, presents, cake, candles and all. Happy, happy birthday, my beloved.

Here I opened your card for you… and you can read all of it when you are home tomorrow.

Sorry for revealing our term of endearment...

Sorry for revealing so publicly our term of endearment…

Sorry, this could also be a Easter card...

Sorry, this could also be a Easter card…

Sorry for revealing so publicly our song...

Sorry for revealing so publicly “our” song…

And here the tag lines for you present…

Because you view things differently.
Because there is hilarity and love where the two of you are.
Because you married a hipster Tscherman woman who thinks that some thing are not funny, but they are still funny.
Because it is about the “I” towards the “Thou”.
Because there may be some more philosophical devices to explore.
Because you like sounds.
Because sound needs context.
Because you want to play with sound.
Because you want to play with a different sound.
Because you need to relax.
Because things are sweet.
Because you need some trousers.
Because a nice shirt never goes amiss.

This makes all sense once you opened them… I hope.

Have much, much success with your project today and I look so much forward to seeing you tomorrow!

With love, Astrid

Sorry for so publicly revealing your age...

…you just have to blow them out now…

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