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Banana Bread with Sesame Seeds September 23, 2012

Posted by astridjohnson in Vegetarian, Vegetarian Cooking.
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This has already a caption…

It is not as easy to find yeasty banana bread recipes as those with baking powder. This is for a bread maker.

I combined one of my favourite food blogger’s recipes (Heidi Swanson’s Sesame Banana Bread)  with one from a Marks & Sparks bread maker book and trusting my instinct. It worked twice now, so it is safe to post.

I am also trying out a an iPhone app called Comic Touch as per picture above.

Please read on for the recipe on the Cooking page: Banana Bread with Sesame Seeds

A nice crumb.

And here my second attempt at making some jam. Still fighting with getting the jars to seal properly… and using too much sugar. But it looks nice.

Nectarine, brandy and pistachio jam.

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